Seu endereço nos Estados Unidos

Esta semana o assunto abordado é sobre como você pode ter um endereço nos Estados Unidos para enviar mercadorias e produtos adquiridos em websites americanos. Isto facilita seu processo de c…

Source: Seu endereço nos Estados Unidos

Sobre Tozzi (117 artigos)
A class of 1979 graduate from FAAP with over 30 years’ experience, he has also worked for 5 years for Grupo O Estado de S.Paulo/Jornal da Tarde, all the while also freelancing for publications such as Exame, and magazines such as Grupo Ideia, editora da IstoÉ, e Química e Derivados, da editora QD. In the media relations world, he worked for Burson Marsteller in São Paulo, one of the sector's most highly regarded companies wherein he held the title of Gerente de Imprensa and fulfilled the job function of coordinating the activities of his fellow colleagues. In the United States, he has become known as one of the nation’s top Portuguese-speaking journalists having in his curriculum the experience of being editor-in-chief of such publications such as Florida Review in Miami and AcheiUSA in Broward. Furthermore, in South Florida, he collaborated on the journal, O Estado de S.Paulo, with the radio station CBN, and was editor of Sony magazine’s Portuguese branch. His work in television includes CBS Telenotícias, which provided Brazil with journalistic information and PSN, a sports station, wherein he produced the tennis broadcasts. Finally, he also worked for RIT TV as a director of journalism. He worked as a color commentator for NBA games, which are broadcast live to Brazil via TNT (Canal Space Brasil) and also a weekly contributor to the website Direto da Redação. He is a translator who counts on a client base which includes the likes of Motorola, Wacom, and ViewSonic among others.

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